ITALIAN WEEK AT „WAŃKOWICZ” HIGH SCHOOL - cultural preparation of Polish students to the mobility in Italy

We are a school in which diversity is respected and multiculturalism is an essential element of our daily life. Migrant Programme makes us wonder about the problems of other nations, people who need support. This requires engagement and rejecting selfishness. We broaden our education with cultural knowledge. We explain that thanks to mutual respect and tolerance we may achieve more than when we are isolated. We try to engage young people in many actions which enrich them with knowledge about other cultures, teach them understanding and respect for diversity. We organized “The Italian Week” in Melchior Wańkowicz Private High School, taking into consideration the fact that our students are going to travel to Italy. Young people prepared charity sales, during which they sold Italian dishes and desserts. There were a lot of healthy and colourful Italian snacks which we enjoyed a lot. Students consulted the menu with our native Italian teacher who knows everything about Italian cuisine. We engaged teachers in our my project. They taught the students about Italian culture, art, and habits. Multimedia classes opened new horizons for our students and enabled them to understand a different mentality. Our school community got engaged in the project. “The Italian Week” became a chance to get to know each other better and make new friends. We invited Italian students from one of our Schools, who helped us a lot. “Pizza Hut” became the sponsor of the project and offered invitations for pizza lunches – our students could obtain them in a lottery drawing. An important aspect of “The Italian Week” was charity. We referred to “Days of Joy”, which we co-organized, and donated a part of the collected money to children from Brest railway station. Melchior Wańkowicz Private High School is a special place. Youth and teachers from all over the world meet here. Together we form a community which learns that carrying help is worth every effort. Migrant Programme supports us in realizing our goals. Its goals are the goals of our education. 


Film: Italian Week