Summary of the meeting in Greece

Many Immigrants Go and/or Return to/from Another National Territory


2nd Meeting Learning/Teaching/Training Activities

Platykampos – Larissa – Greece

Results of the Meeting

During the 2nd Learning/Teaching/Training Activities meeting in Greece the teachers discussed and agreed to follow the program.

They also confirmed:

-       To create and send the videos to Poland before Christmas.

-       To present, distribute and play the board game "Immigranopolis" from the Greek delegation at the meeting in France.

They also discussed:

-       Details for the future meetings in France from 15 - 25 Mars 2018. They agreed that the children of the delegations can participate to the French ceremony with songs and dance.

-       Details for the future meeting in Norway from 6 - 12 May 2018.

Finally they evaluated the program and the activities of the meeting in Greece.